$220 Plan E Range Key

This plan allows you to go directly to the driving range without having to go to buy a token. The value is loaded onto the E Range Key with a better value than purchasing tokens at the retail cost (see below).


To Use:

1. Place bucket on hook at dispenser. 

2. Select the Size Bucket you would like:

  • Small= 34 balls
  • Medium= 51 balls
  • Large= 102 balls

3. Touch the E Key to the round reader

4. Balls Dispense & balance is deducted from E Key


$220 Plan

(Retail Token pricing gives you 1602 range balls)


Allows you to redeem for the options listed below or any combination up to $220 value:


55 Small Buckets....1870 Range Balls... 268 Balls MORE than retail

36 Medium Buckets & 1 Small Bucket...1870 Range Balls... 268 Balls MORE than retail

18 Large Buckets & 1 Small Bucket...1870 Range Balls... 268 Balls MORE than retail


Receive Complimentary 1 Dozen Titleist Pro V1 OR ProV1X

OR AVX Golf Balls ($52 Value)

Total Savings up to $87

$220 Range Plan

Complimentary Dozen Ball Color
Complimentary Dozen Ball
  • Don't worry about losing the key. You are required to assign a Golfer's Name to the E Key. This way if the key is lost, we can list is as a "Lost Item" and replace it. 

    The keys do not expire, the value rolls over from season to season. 

    If you already have an E Key and purchase a new one online you can combine the totals onto one key by stopping by the pro shop. 

  • As part of this plan you are given an option for your complimentary dozen. You can select Titleist ProV1, ProV1X or AVX in either white or yellow. If you do not make a selection we will make the selection for you. 





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