$160 Plan E Range Key

This plan allows you to go directly to the driving range without having to go to buy a token. The value is loaded onto the E Range Key with a better value than purchasing tokens at the retail cost (see below).


To Use:

1. Place bucket on hook at dispenser. 

2. Select the Size Bucket you would like:

  • Small= 34 balls
  • Medium= 51 balls
  • Large= 102 balls

3. Touch the E Key to the round reader

4. Balls Dispense & balance is deducted from E Key


$160 Plan

(Retail Token pricing gives you 1165 range balls)


Allows you to redeem for the options listed below or any combination up to $160 value:


40 Small Buckets....1360 Range Balls... 195 Balls MORE than retail

26 Medium Buckets  & 1 Small Bucket...1360 Range Balls... 195 Balls MORE than retail

13 Large Buckets & 1 Small Bucket...1326 Range Balls... 195 Balls MORE than retail


Receive Complimentary 1 Dozen Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls ($25 Value)

Total Savings up to $53

$160 Range Plan

  • Don't worry about losing the key. You are required to assign a Golfer's Name to the E Key. This way if the key is lost, we can list is as a "Lost Item" and replace it. 

    The keys do not expire, the value rolls over from season to season. 

    If you already have an E Key and purchase a new one online you can combine the totals onto one key by stopping by the pro shop. 

  • As part of this plan you are given a complimentary dozen Titleist TruFeel Golf Ball. You can select White, Yellow or Red (as of Jan 2020). If you do not make a selection we will default your selection to White. 

    If you are interested in an alternative complimentary dozen you may select Callaway SuperSoft. Just let us know at checkout.