During your rental session we will data capture up to 20 swings $50.00 ($2.00 for each additional swing)


The launch monitor is set up and monitored by a technician, unless you have selected to use this in connection with lesson services. The technician CANNOT analyze or interpret the data for you. 


The data included is listed below. You will receive this information emailed to you and you will have an online profile to access the data so you can compare to future sessions. 


Ball Data

Ball Speed

Launch Angle


Total Spin

Spin-Tilt Axis

Club Data

Club Speed

Impact Point

Angle of Attach

Club Path

Delivered Face Angle

Delivered Lie Angle

Impact Loft

Closure Rate

The Launch Monitor is Set Up at our outdoor driving range.

To Schedule a Launch Monitor Rental email us or call 631-544-0036

Launch Monitor Rental